Key Stage 1 & 2 Tests


In May in Year 2, the children sit their End of KS1 SATs tests. These are a combination of Maths, Reading and SPaG (Spelling, Punctuation and Grammar) tests. Throughout Year 2, we teach the children all of the Year 2 curriculum and ensure the children have the skills and knowledge that they need to access the KS1 SATs tests. These results are combined with teacher assessment at the end of Year 2 to support end of year judgements, which will inform predictions to track the children leading up to their KS2 SATs. Any children who are working well below the Year 2 curriculum will be exempt from tests in communication with the parents and Mrs Johnson.


In May, the children in Year 6 will sit their end of Key Stage Two SATs tests. These are national tests which all schools are required to complete in order to track children’s progress throughout and beyond their time at primary school. Within these tests, children will be required to answers questions on the whole of the Key Stage Two curriculum (Year 3-6) in three key areas of learning: Reading, SPAG (spelling, punctuation and grammar) and Mathematics. Writing is assessed separately, using a sample of the children’s written work throughout the year. If a child is working well below the year group expectations, then they may be exempt from the tests. This decision would be made based on the individual child’s needs and following a consultation between the parents and the school.