School Trips

At Zouch Academy, we believe in providing a range of enriching experiences for children to learn from. School trips are a great way for children to learn outside of the classroom and gain experiences that link with current topics being taught in school. We aim to ensure all classes have access to a number of additional learning opportunities, which may include trips out of school, local visits, experience days, or in-school visitors.

In year 6, the children at Zouch Academy are given the opportunity to take part in our annual residential trip to Plas Pencelli, Wales. This trip takes place after SATs in the summer and is an excellent way for the children to learn new life skills before they transition to secondary school.

Information on learning opportunities outside of the classroom can be discussed with your child’s class teacher.

Looking for a School Trip Form?

To find forms related to a specific school trip, please visit the Letters and Forms section of our website.