About our School

Zouch Academy sits at the north end of Tidworth on a large, green site, catering for more than 400 pupils aged between 4 and 11 years of age. There is also a nursery provision on-site. We aim for excellence and enjoyment in learning, and want all our children to be happy to come to school. Our children are proud to attend our school, and our teaching and support staff are committed and talented professionals who continue to strive for the best for all of our pupils. Together with our parents, we are committed to ensuring that Zouch is a happy and hard-working learning community.

As the principal of Zouch, I believe passionately that children deserve to learn, to enjoy, to achieve, and to succeed in a world-class environment that has the best facilities, the best teaching, and the most up-to-date curriculum. Education should be focused on enabling our children to take their place in a complex and challenging world with the learning and thinking skills that will make them great future employees and great leaders, but also responsible citizens as they grow and develop.

The work to achieve this for our community starts here at Zouch. This means that we are committed to:

  • Encouraging our children to have high expectations of themselves and maximise their achievement.
  • Providing a rich and stimulating environment that fosters the enjoyment of learning and enables our children to develop skills for lifelong learning.
  • Providing a caring environment in which every child matters and achieves. As a result, each individual recognises they are valued and is able to develop to the best of his or her abilities.
  • Celebrating our pupils’ successes, enabling them to take pride in their achievements and preparing them for their future lives.
  • Developing in our children an understanding of themselves and of the world in which they live in order to enable them to become responsible and active citizens.
  • Ensuring that there is a genuine partnership between the school, our children, their parents, and the wider community in order to secure the very best for our young children.

But don’t just take our word for it. The only way to get a true feel for a school is to come and see us at work, and I warmly invite any prospective parent to contact Mrs McKee in the office to make an appointment to do just that. You can be sure of a warm welcome!