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World Poetry Day Contest: Congratulations to Year 4 Kestrels Class!

1 June 2021
World Poetry Day Contest: Congratulations to Year 4 Kestrels Class!

Congratulations Year 4 Kestrels Class for your fantastic poem, winning the World Poetry Day contest organised across all the White Horse Federation Primaries.

Here is the winning poem:

Horrific Hydra

That Hydra they said, was green as green as green
as green as emeralds, ivy leaves, a cushion of slimy moss;
that Hydra, they said hunts and hunts and hunts,
like a vicious vampire or a stealthy snake slithering
that Hydra they said, was grotesque so grotesque so grotesque
more grotesque than a terrifying tarantula or monstrous Demogorgon.

That Hydra they said, was ferocious, extremely ferocious
As ferocious as Cetus piercing the body of a whale.
In Ancient Greece, it killed, crazily, crazily, crazily
as crazily as a rampaging rhino or a dragon breathing scorching hot fire.

That Hydra they said, had nine deadly, venomous heads,
spinning, swerving, “You will perish! You will perish!”
That Hydra they said, murdered all the people –
the mighty men, the hard-working women, the cute children,
That Hydra they said, left nothing behind at all:
thousands of broken homes, thousands of unfortunate lives lost.

By Kestrels Class (Zouch Academy)

Check out the three other winning poems from Moredon Primary and Nursery, and Haydon Wick Primary School.

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