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Teaching Healthy Eating

10 June 2021
Teaching Healthy Eating

Good nutrition makes for better learning and happier children. At our school, we believe that we have a responsibility to teach pupils about making healthy choices when it comes to food, and the British Nutrition Foundation’s Healthy Eating Week is a great opportunity for us to discuss this topic.

This year, we are following the BNF's themes for each day. Monday - Know the facts!, Tuesday - Make a healthier choice!, Wednesday - Plan for success!, Thursday - Be the chef! and Friday - Keep Moving!. On Wednesday, we looked at healthy recipes at school and together we worked on how to plan a meal. On Thursday, all children will be encouraged to cook at home. We are going to be sharing what we cook at home by sending photos on Purple Mash.

At Zouch, we conduct a variety of lessons and activities throughout the year to educate children on different food groups, the benefits of healthy eating, and how to achieve a balanced diet.

The impact these lessons have on children must also be reciprocated by parents if significant health changes are to occur. Children are heavily reliant on their parents, who usually make their meals, to also make healthy choices and prepare food with real nutritional value. We encourage parents to consider the diet of their children and help them to develop healthy food habits that they take with them into adult life.

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