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Year 6 Residential

Year 6 are having a fabulous time at Pencelli! Everyone has taken a full part in all the activities from caving to canoeing to swimming and climbing! The weather has held out too which is brilliant. On Tuesday morning, they were all up and showered by 6am! This morning was a different story with them all having to be woken up by the staff! We’ll upload more pictures tomorrow evening

Day 2: Orange Group Canoeing

PTDC0043 PTDC0008 PTDC0035[1]

Black Group: Caving

PTDC0054 PTDC0046[1] PTDC0050

Day 3: Orange Group Climbing

PTDC0047 PTDC0046 PTDC0035

Black Group Canoeing

PTDC0020 PTDC0081 PTDC0038

Day 4: Black Group Climbing

PTDC0040 PTDC0022

 Orange Group: Caving

PTDC0024 PTDC0040 PTDC0037

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