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School Hours & Term Dates

We are operating staggered start and finish times for each class. These are explained in the following tables.

StartGate A (Pedestrian)Gate B (Vehicle)Gate C (Vehicle)


Y2 Woodpeckers
Y4 Ospreys
Y6 Tawny Owls
8:35Y1 Nightingales
Y2 Kingfishers
Y5 Sparrowhawks
8:40Y1 SkylarksY6 Snowy OwlsY5 Peregrines
8:45R RobinsY3 EaglesY4 Kestrels
8:50Y3 Merlins
8:55R Wrens
9.00Nursery (Ducklings)

Gate A (Pedestrian)
Gate B (Vehicle)
Gate C (Vehicle)


Nursery (Ducklings)


R Robins


R Wrens


Y1 Nightingales

Y2 Kingfishers

Y2 Woodpeckers


Y1 Skylarks

Y3 Eagles

Y3 Merlins


Y5 Sparrowhawks

Y4 Ospreys

Y6 Tawny Owls


Y4 Kestrels

Y6 Snowy Owls

Y5 Peregrines

Term Dates 2020-21

Detailed below are the term dates for the 2020-21 school year. Please book family trips and holidays outside of school time. If you book a holiday during school time or need to register an absence for any other reason, please complete an Absence Request Form. Please be aware that you may be issued with a penalty notice of £60 per child, per parent, for time off taken during school time.

Term 13 September - 21 October
Term 22 November - 18 December
Term 34 January - 12 February
Term 422 February - 1 April
Term 519 April - 28 May
Term 67 June - 23 July

TTD Days:

1st September 2020
2nd September 2020
2nd November 2020
4th January 2021
5th July 2021

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