Zouch Academy About Us

Our Vision & Values

Values Timetable

  • Term 1: Honesty
  • Term 2: Peace
  • Term 3: Love
  • Term 4: Understanding
  • Term 5: Thoughtfulness
  • Term 6: Courage

School Mission Statement

At Zouch Academy, our vision is to provide a safe and exciting environment for children to explore their natural inquisitiveness and develop a true love for learning. The needs of every one of our pupils will be met through our broad and engaging curriculum and children will also learn skills and make lifelong memories that will stay with them for life.

A Values-based School

Here at Zouch, we are a values-based school. Values-based education is an approach to teaching that works with values. It creates a strong learning environment that enhances academic attainment and develops pupils’ social and relationship skills that last throughout their lives. We achieve a positive learning environment through the positive values modelled by staff throughout the school. This in turn equips our children with social and relationship skills, intelligences, and attitudes to succeed at school and throughout their lives.

Values are things we believe in that help us to make decisions about how to behave. They are the principles that guide our lives. Some commonly held values include thoughtfulness, respect, trust, love, friendship, and courage. In school, we explore many more values, a great deal of which overlap. We focus on a particular value each term, developing our own and our children’s understanding of how that particular value can impact and influence our lives, our behaviours, and our choices. We celebrate when values are demonstrated throughout the school in lessons and especially our weekly celebration assembly.

Little Green Book

At The White Horse Federation, we understand that every colleague is here for the best interests of the children. We want to ensure that no child is left behind and that the unique identity of each school is protected, celebrated, and valued for the contribution it makes to ensuring children have the best education and experiences.

As part of TWHF, we passionately believe that by working together, we enable children to have a higher quality of education and that, as colleagues, we will also benefit from, and reap the rewards of, a values-based organisation where you are also not left behind.

The Little Green Book is a set of promises that, as colleagues, we make to each other and to our organisation, for the ultimate benefit of the children and families that our schools serve.

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